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Explore Powers Lookout: A Tourist’s Guide with Top King Valley Accommodation

If you’re craving an escape wrapped in historical lore and breathtaking views, the Powers Lookout Scenic Reserve in Whitlands is your go-to destination. Nestled in the traditional Country of the Taungurung Peoples, this reserve is not just a natural wonder, but a journey through Australia's rich bushranger history. And the best part? It’s just a leisurely 20-minute drive from the charming accommodations at Mt Bellevue, making it a perfect base for your adventure.

The Historical Charm of Powers Lookout

Powers Lookout offers a unique glimpse into the daring escapades of Harry Power, the 'gentlemanly' bushranger who roamed these lands in the 1860s. This notorious figure was not only known for his crimes but also for his role in the early life of the infamous Ned Kelly. The lookout served as Power’s strategic hideout, providing him with expansive views of the King Valley and a vantage point to evade capture—for a time.

Today, the lookout has been transformed into a beloved destination for day-trippers. Two main vantage points offer panoramic views, for those specifically keen on the view of the landscape: 

  • The first is easily accessible right from the car park, and offers a more immediate vantage point for anyone unable to make the winding trek to the area’s second provided viewing.  Here, nestled in bush vegetation, you can enjoy the sweeping vistas of the Wobonga Plateau and distant alpine peaks. 

  • The second, a more adventurous spot led by a trail of ladders and walkways, finds your way to an open air platform peppered with crags and outcrops, weaving among the textured bush to a balcony viewing. 

Walking Tracks and Wildlife

In addition to its historical significance, Powers Lookout is a haven for nature lovers. The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including superb lyrebirds and majestic wedge-tailed eagles. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply appreciate wildlife, bring your binoculars for a rewarding experience.

For those who enjoy a leisurely walk, the 20-minute return trip to Harry’s Watering Hole is a must. This tranquil spot, where Harry Power once watered his horses, offers a peaceful break surrounded by nature. The path is lined with picnic tables and fireplaces, making it an ideal spot for a family outing.

Safety and Accessibility

While it’s easy to be taken by the scenery around you, it’s important to heed safety warnings. Visitors are advised to stick to designated tracks, due to unstable rocks and to protect the native vegetation. For those requiring assistance, the lookout is accessible, and assistance dogs are welcome, ensuring everyone can enjoy this spectacular part of Victoria.

How to Get There?

Reaching Powers Lookout is straightforward. From Wangaratta, it’s a scenic 70km drive through the King Valley. The journey itself is part of the adventure, offering stunning landscapes and a taste of rural Victoria. 

Powers Lookout is accessible via the Mansfield-Whitfield road, with the last 3 kilometres  of the trip via Powers Lookout Road being an unsealed road still suitable for 2WD vehicles. The best times to visit are during the milder seasons of spring and autumn, when the natural beauty of the area is at its peak.

King Valley Accommodation at Mt Bellevue

After a day of exploration, what could be better than retreating to the cosy and inviting atmosphere of Mt Bellevue? Located just a short 20-minute drive from Powers Lookout, Mt Bellevue offers a range of accommodation options, such as The Lodge by Mt Bellevue, to suit all preferences. 

Whether you’re after the rustic charm of a vineyard stay or the comfort of a luxurious room, Mt Bellevue caters to your needs with exceptional hospitality and serene views of the King Valley.

Why wait? Pack your bags and set your sights on Powers Lookout for a memorable getaway. While camping is not permitted within the reserve, a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation can be enjoyed if you stay at Mt Bellevue. 

Experience the best of our King Valley accommodation and immerse yourself in the beauty and history of one of Victoria’s treasured spots. Call us today at 0433 677 007, or email to reserve your escape to the heart of nature and heritage. Let the landscapes whisk you away to a time long gone - your adventure at Powers Lookout and Mt Bellevue awaits!



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