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King River Winery - Experience Quality Built on Time-Tested Tradition

We are Mt Bellevue™ - Discovered 1824 By Hume and Hovell

Located on the bush-edge of the titular King River, experience the home of our Flying Duck range and in-house red and white wines at King River Winery. Offerings here are built on old world processes and techniques, as the foremost means of extracting flavours to highlight the contour and character of its unique grape varieties. 


King River Wine Ranges 

As boutique wine-makers with an artisan sensibility, offered wine ranges accommodate essential grape varieties for any enthusiast familiar with the flavours of North-Eastern Italy, rustic France, and our own humble Victoria:

  • Prosecco

  • Pinot Grigio 

  • Chardonnay

  • Feront Block White

  • Sangiovese Rose

  • Merlot Rose

  • Sparkling Shiraz Rose

  • Moscato

  • Sangiovese

  • Barbera

  • Reserve Merlot

  • Shiraz

  • Sagrantino

  • Lagrein 

  • Saperavi

  • Rutherglen

  • Muscat

Wine-Making Philosophy: King River Winery Craftsmanship

Inheriting original perspectives on quality wine-making, King River Winery focuses on crafting with ‘old-world’ techniques - allowing for processes of fermentation to function more on naturally occurring effects of minerals on yeast metabolisation. A product of more complex flavouring, fuller-bodies and sharper-occuring acidity finds its place in our tastings as a result, as a more genuine representation of the grape’s natural extract.

Explore King Valley’s host of wineries and restaurants with convenience and intimacy, with the Bella Vista accommodation by Mt Bellevue!

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