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Explore the Italian Heritage of Dal Zotto Wines

We are Mt Bellevue™ - Discovered 1824 By Hume and Hovell

Rooted in Tradition

Dal Zotto Wines brings a touch of Italy to Australia’s King Valley with its pioneering spirit and rich family heritage. Established by Otto Dal Zotto, the winery is a testament to a lifelong passion for viticulture, rooted deeply in Italian winemaking traditions. This family-operated winery prides itself on introducing Prosecco to the Australian wine scene, blending old-world techniques with new-world innovation.


A Culinary Companion

Dal Zotto’s Trattoria offers a rustic, yet refined dining experience where each dish complements their finely crafted wines. The menu, inspired by the family's Italian roots, features locally sourced seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations. Antipasto, gnocchi, handmade pasta, and wood-fired pizza are on the menu, along with organic vegetables grown by Otto Dal Zotto's wife, Nonna Elena.

Dining here isn’t just a meal; it’s an exploration of flavours that enhance the wine-tasting experience, inviting guests to linger over every glass.


A Vineyard Experience 

Dal Zotto’s wine tastings are more than just sipping and swirling; they are an educational journey through the vineyard’s history and a showcase of its diverse wine portfolio. From their signature Prosecco to robust reds and elegant whites, each wine reflects the family’s dedication to quality and respect for their heritage.


Retreat to The Lodge by Mt Bellevue

Cap off your visit to Dal Zotto Wines with a stay at The Lodge by Mt Bellevue. This charming, Alpine-style accommodation offers a warm, inviting atmosphere that mirrors the rustic elegance of the King Valley. Perfect for families or groups, The Lodge provides a tranquil base to relax and reflect on your wine-country adventures. With its picturesque setting and cosy amenities, it promises a peaceful escape not far from the vineyards.


Enjoy the full King Valley experience by pairing your wine adventures at Dal Zotto with a comforting stay at Mt Bellevue, where the splendour of the region and its culinary delights are just at your doorstep.

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