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Mt Bellevue

We are Mt Bellevue™ - Discovered 1824 By Hume and Hovell


As you drive up to Mt Bellevue the road suddenly opens up to immaculate vineyards owned by Merkel Wines past these vines is your first glimpse of some of the most spectacular views in North East Victoria.  You keep travelling up Bella Vista Road and our whole property has stunning panoramas but in particular our two newest accommodation offerings The Bella Vista and The Lookout have stunning panoramic views across the King Valley to Mt Buffalo and beyond - the view is simply breathtaking all year round.   On a clear winters day you will see snow capped mountains including Mt Bullar, Mt Stirling and Mt Buffalo.  



Hume and Hovell were legendary explorers who opened up large inland areas of NSW and Victoria.   Only one place did they decide to name Mt Bellevue  (Beautiful View) and for good reason. 


Mt Bellevue is blessed with mineral rich red volcanic soils this and the elevation of nearly 600 meters above sea levels make Mt Bellevue a premium grape growing location.  The elevation means cool winters (some times with snow) and hot summers.  From a vigneron's perspective the fact we're on a steep ridge line onto of our mountain means the wind constantly circulates and we have little to no risk of early spring frost damage to our vines.  So premium is that location that we have Brown Brothers production vineyard on a similar nearby plateu and of recent times Chandon chose a site nearby at  a similar elevation for their production vineyard.

We have two varieties that we grow - Prosecco and Pinot Grigio, which are both among the most popular varieties in the King Valley and Australia wide.   Our Pinot Grigio vines are 15 years old whilst our Prosecco was grafted from Sauvignon Blanc in 2022.  


Around The Farm

We're lucky enough have around 70 acres of uncleared land which plays home to lots of native wildlife such as Wallabies, Kangaroos, Wombats and Echidnas.  We have a small herd of miniature Belted Galloways that are very friendly and love to be hand fed and patted.

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