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Sam Miranda King Valley Winery - Choice Wines With An In-House Passion

We are Mt Bellevue™ - Discovered 1824 By Hume and Hovell

With a family involvement in the wine-making industry for a span of a near-century, the Sam Miranda wine collection boasts a tasteful understanding of time and place - of what bottles are best suited for which occasions, flavour pairings to meals, wine colouration for appearance and more.


With hands-on involvement from the brand’s namesake himself, the Sam Miranda Winery offers a personalised hand - freshly reborn in the early 2000’s with a refined take on the winemaking process, and backed by a generation of industry knowledge from its family predecessor in Passion Pop.


Personalisation - Wine Offerings and Notes from the Sam Miranda King Valley Winery 

An individualised approach is reflected from the brand’s humble beginnings to its offered bottles - ranging from time honoured, classic varieties, like its Pinot Grigio or Moscato, to more esoteric ventures like its newly released Col Fondo Prosecco:

  • Tasting Notes 

Guiding your palette with a sure understanding of its development, the brand supplies a heuristic guideline to better gauge the flavour profiles of its offerings - lending niche insight into the notes, aromas and contexts that each offering best belongs in.

  • Events and Functions 

Offering a cultural centrepiece for the King Valley community, the Sam Miranda Winery posits as a valuable host for events in the local network - with lunches, celebrations, festivals and activities characterising a broad breadth of experiences that customers and those interested can expect.


Complete your comprehensive wine-tasting experience with a rustic stay at The Lodge, by Mt. Bellevue - rounding out your time in the valley with an outback-chic pairing in both taste and living.

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