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Feel the Vibrant Spirit of Red Feet Wines

We are Mt Bellevue™ - Discovered 1824 By Hume and Hovell

A Unique Blend of Playfulness and Passion

Red Feet Wines, nestled in the picturesque King Valley, brings a fresh and lively approach to winemaking. Known for their vibrant and playful spirit, Red Feet invites wine enthusiasts to not only taste but truly experience their unique range of wines. There are 1.2 acres of Sangiovese, 0.6 acres of Nebbiolo, and a small amount of Tempranillo and Zinfandel planted at the moment. Their innovative approach combines traditional methods with a creative flair, ensuring each bottle tells its own story of adventure and discovery.


Experience Beyond the Bottle  

At Red Feet Wines, the experience goes beyond the wine glass. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the winemaking process, offering a more hands-on approach that demystifies the journey from vine to bottle. Seasonal events and tours add an educational twist, making each visit a memorable adventure that's as educational as it is enjoyable.


A Celebration of Local Flavours  

The winery also prides itself on its integration with the local culture and produce, often hosting events that showcase not only its wines but also the culinary delights of the King Valley. These gatherings are vibrant, filled with music, food, and the joyous spirit of the community, reflecting the winery’s commitment to celebrating local heritage and flavours.


Relax at The Bella Vista by Mt Bellevue

Enhance your journey through the King Valley by staying at The Bella Vista by Mt Bellevue. This luxurious accommodation offers stunning views and top-notch amenities, providing the perfect backdrop to reflect on your wine-tasting adventures. With its spacious design and elegant décor, The Bella Vista ensures a serene and plush retreat, making it an ideal complement to the lively and enriching experience at Red Feet Wines.


Visiting Red Feet Wines and staying at Mt Bellevue offers the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation, promising a getaway that’s as enriching as it is comforting.

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